Want Wealth? Then Control Finances

There are more ways to get rich than there are to lose money. However virtually all ways of getting rich over time require one thing more than anything else - control and understanding of money and finances.

If you want wealth, if you want to accumulate money and riches, then you need to understand the money you have coming in, the money going out, and where the money you already have is placed and how hard it is working for you.

Without spending time to review all aspects of your financial affairs, you will either reduce your chance of getting wealthy, make it harder, or squander the opportunities for wealth.

The single biggest truth is that you need to have more money coming in than you spend. If you do that, no matter what else happens, your bank balance will increase.

If you fail, then you lose money, and wealth will not be obtained. Therefore you need to budget. It might not sound glamorous, but budgetting is essential to having and maintaining a healthy bank balance.

It might not be as sexy a method as some get rich quick scheme, but there is a subtle difference - this method of steady wealth accumulation by being sensible and spending less than you earn actually works.

Once your budget is in place and you are confident of your spending plans with future and current earnings, the next step is to look at where your existing savings, if you have any, are stored.

Can you get better interest rates elsewhere for instance? Then consider moving. Also remember your debts - what mortgage deal have you got? Is it still as attractive as when you took it out? Consider changing mortgage provider and you may be able to save thousands.

Look at your bills. Can you reduce these? For instance gas and electricity bills.

The bottom line is that if you take the time to examine and question your finances on a regular basis, then you will greatly increase your chances of ending up wealthy and able to enjoy the lifestyle you feel you deserve!