Working Aged Over 50

There is specific support and advice out there for people who are looking for help in finding work when aged over 50.

There is a scheme that is called New Deal 50 plus which can help and offer training and information if you find yourself in this situation, particularly if you are finding it difficult to get the type of job you would like at a reasonable salary.

Considering visiting what is called a Jobcentre Plus - this is a place that can offer you help and tips on training, jobs and work in general so is well worth a visit, you never know what little gem of advice you might find out which helps you continue your career past 50.

One idea that many over 50 consider, particularly if finding it hard to get the sort of employment they want elsewhere, is to look into the possibility of starting their own company and being their own boss.

This can be the right idea for some, but it is also a big step and it is important to remember that around half of start ups fail within the first couple of years, so do consider it carefully taking the plunge and deciding to set up and run your own business!