Your Image

The image that you present is now more important than ever at a job interview. This includes the image that recruitment agencies get of you in addition to potential employers.

Present a good image to a recruitment consultant and they will try to get you a job and interviews more actively than someone they think has little chance of securing a job - because a good candidate is more likely to earn them money quickly.

And of course at a job interview first impressions are crucial and can often be the make or break as to whether you get the job or not.

So, how do you make a great first impression in a business context? It is simple. You need to walk tall, and confident. You need to smile. You need to make good eye contact. And you need to give a good firm handshake. These are all traits of someone confident, someone employable, someone likeable.

The clothes you wear also speak volumes. Ensure that you dress smartly and wear good, simple plain clothes. A standard suit or trouser suit is best.

Also to project a good image be sure to focus on your voice. When we are nervous, as at a job interview, we often talk too quickly, too quietly and start to ramble.

Therefore be sure to take your time to collect your train of thought before speaking during the job interview, and ensure that you speak at a decent volume and take your time.

Pauses always seem longer than they really are so don't be afraid to pause and compose a good answer than rush straight in and lose the focus of what you are saying and give a poorer quality of answer.

Practice The Interview and Image

As always, the best way to project a good image is to practice. Therefore have a full practice interview before the real event, and wear the suit or formal dress and everything. Then get feedback as to your performance.

This will make you more confident and project a better image when it comes to the real event and can be the difference between not getting the job and salary of your dreams, and getting the job and salary of your dreams.