Best Buy UK Current Accounts

When it comes to getting a current account, there may be various different considerations depending on your circumstances. If you need an overdraft, then clearly the one that offers the largest at the best rate will be most suitable for you.

If you are poor at managing your money however and often have large piles of cash in your current account that you just don't or don't want to move to a savings account, then a good credit interest rate will be of use to you.

Some accounts have conditions attached whilst others don't. Here is our pick of five current accounts that have high credit interest rates and therefore qualify as best buy UK current accounts:

Provided By Name Credit Rate Authorised Overdraft More Info...
Alliance and LeicesterPremier Direct Current Account8.5%n/aRequires £500 or more per month to be added to the account
Abbey NationalThe Abbey Account8%19.9%Requires £1000+ per month - interest on up to £25000
Coventry BSCoventry First5.6%n/a£1000+ per month
HalifaxUltimate Reward Current Account5.12%13.3%Monthly fee £10
Lloyds TSBClassic Plus Ac4.25%18.9%Requires £1000+ per month
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