Celebrity Pay

You've watched their work in films, you follow their lives being played out in the media, but have you ever wondered what celebrities earn?

Well, unless you're a celebrity yourself the chances are that they earn a lot more than you! And not by a little either, but infact by a lot.

In fact, the shocking fact from celebrity pay packet information is that the top ranking celebrities earn more per day than the average person does in a whole year!

If that's enough to make you green with envy, here are a few details of celebrity pay packets out there. Note that these figures are from data available on the web and therefore will be estimates only, enjoying indicative status only, and no guarantee as to their accuracy can or is given.

Jonathan Ross

Annual estimated salary from the BBC: £6,000,000
Daily pay: £24,000

Kate Moss

Annual estimated salary: £5,000,000
Daily salary: £20,000

Will Smith

Annual: £17,500,000
Daily: £70,000

Tom Cruise

Annual: £17,000,000
Daily: £68,000

Oprah Winfrey

Annual: £145,000,000
Daily: £580,000

That last one is pretty amazing isn't it - imagine earning over half a million pounds each and every single day of the year!

So there you go - your salary targets are set, nevermind doubling your salary or getting a pay rise of a few thousand at work, see if you can boost your salary to these levels (tip: give up, it's never going to happen!!!)

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