Footballers Pay

If you support a particular team and the players are scoring goals and making you proud, then you probably will think they are worth every penny.

But when they're sitting out injured for months or going through a really bad run of form and only making the occasional appearance and mainly in the reserves, have you ever wondered if they are really worth the money they are being paid.

Lots of people argue that the football clubs pay way over the odds and if they all agreed between themselves they could easily reduce footballers pay to reasonable salary levels like those seen by country cricketers and so on, however this does not appear to happen!

So here are some footballers pay figures - note that these figures are from data available on the web and therefore will be estimates only, enjoying indicative status only, and no guarantee as to their accuracy can or is given.

David Beckham

The classic and iconic footballer now over in LA... how much does he get? Estimates say he gets around £18,500,000 every year, which works out as a cool £74,000 per day - nice work if you can get it!


So how much does one of the most gifts players in the world get for his efforts at Barcelona? Well apparently he gets £17,000,000 a year, just a little short of Beckham - but it won't cause too much problems as if you can't get by on £68,000 a year then you have some money spending problems going on!

Wayne Rooney

He may be young, but the darling of the English fans (or Man United ones at least) still manages to pull in around £10,500,000 a year. This works out as £42,000 and when added to the funds that his partner Coleen McLoughlin pulls in through modelling, writing and other endorsements then the Rooney household is already financially sound for life!

Does all this talk of footballers pay make you green with envy? If so, and you can't take any more, then whatever you do don't look at the Celebrity Pay information!