How to get a mortgage quote at home

Mortgages. Just the word is enough to send shivers down the spine of most people.

Historically, getting a mortgage was a real lot of hassle and involved going to several banks and building societies and having a sit down meeting where you nervously exposed lots of details about your life and waited with trepidation to see if they would loan you the money or not.

Whilst when you finally go ahead that may be the case, the research part is now a lot more painless.

Indeed you can get a good indication of costs and an indicative quote from the comfort of your home, by simply using the online mortgage quote tools on most major banks and building society websites.

For those who are not worried about entering their personal details into these forms they offer the best way of finding out what sort of mortgage quote they would offer you.

Unlike other products which are often one size fits all or thereabouts, with a mortgage you will really need to take the time to fill in these forms and get individual quotes.

That because every mortgage quote is unique to you and your circumstances and so whilst you may get a general idea that one provider will be cheaper than you for another, when you take everything into account you may be surprised - particularly if you will want the flexibility to make overpayments against the amount of your mortgage sum, and so forth.

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