Earning From Your Hobby at University

Many people do not think about making money properly until they leave university and then go through the process of getting a job.

However, there are now more opportunities than ever to start having an income whilst at university which did not exist until the last ten years or so.

And the main one is to earn from the internet in some way.

Most of us have a hobby of one form or another, so why not set up a website that is based around your hobby and gradually add content to the site that is original and interesting. Over time this will start to get a following of visitors and, to a greater or lesser extent, visitors to a website means the opportunity to earn.

There are various ways of earning from your website - the simplest are to sign up to affiliate schemes and that way you can earn when people place orders through clicking those. You can often use them yourself too so at the least you get say a 5% discount off your purchases.

Affiliate schemes that are popular and widespread include those offered by ebay or amazon. They are simple to use and so with a few minutes work you can add relevant product offerings to your site.

For instance, if your hobby is motorbike racing then start a website on it, and offer affiliate links to books on motorbikes and so on at amazon. For everyone who clicks and orders, you derive a small income.

Two things to remember here: firstly, this is not going to make you rich

Secondly: this is a long term play. When you work at the local bar for a few hours, you earn, and when you leave there, you earn nothing. With setting up your website, you can earn potentially forever (whilst your site is live, gets visitors and those affiliate schemes still exist), so even in 20 years time they could still be deriving you an income!

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