University and the Milkround

The milkround. It can be a time of excitement yet also quite daunting, as companies and students try to find their perfect matches!

These days things are a little different in the past where many companies staff would go around and visit a range of universities and answer student enquiries. These days less and less do this, though there are usually still milkround career fairs for second or typically third year students who will shortly be entering the big bad world of work, if there are any jobs left that is.

So how should you approach the milkround? Well, first you should make sure that you attend a careers fair at your university - nearly all universities have an event like this where you can walk around and talk to people from various companies.

Be sure to do this and keep an open mind - it is unlikely but possible for instance that you will suddenly find that being an actuary is your dream job, and that accountancy stuff you were interested in is just too exciting and you need something more sedate!

By taking the time to find out about various careers from the horses mouth you can get the real inside track on the sort of work involved in various different career paths.

Also don't be wary of using the internet to perform research and look at different companies - many of them have a section called 'about us' or a press section: this is a great place to read up on the company news and get a flavour of what exactly it does.

All this should stand you in good stead for the next stage, which is deciding on which companies to apply to and in which sectors, and then of course to actually go through the application and interview process.

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