Getting on with your landlord

Most of us at university experience having a landlord as very few universities these days have enough accommodation to cater for all of the student population that is living nearby.

So when you have a landlord whose property you are renting, how should you manage relations to ensure that they are hassle free and there is no stress in the relationship.

Essentially you need to respect the rules that they impose and that you respect the property - even though you are renting the property you still need to treat the contents with respect.

If there are issues that arise, then notify them in a timely and polite manner, don't call them up at midnight drunk if a problem comes up for instance.

Also if there are any incidents then keep a very simple log of what happened and when - just a simple date, time and who/what happened is fine: this is very useful if there are any disputes later on or you need to refer back to an incident.

If there are any problems that arise then don't necessarily trust your own diplomacy skills - most universities will have someone who can advise you on managing relations with the landlord so get in touch with your university and get advice from them on managing the relationship.

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