Getting back a Student Deposit

If you want to get back your student deposit, then of course in most cases it is simply a case of having kept the house and its contents in good order and having a clean when you leave the house.

Then upon approval from the landlord, then you get the deposit back. All good.

But for a sizeable minority, problems occur. Often there has been no complaint from the landlord but they just don't pay up or always say that it is coming.

In this instance, as a first point of call contact the university, who may be able to put pressure on to pay - as many universities have a list of landlords / properties for rent in the area that are on their approved list they can say they will strike the person off that list - this is often enough to pay up.

If not, then don't take the law into your own hands but it is worth paying a very small amount to get a professional legal letter sent to them informing them of the debt outstanding and what will happen next. Most shady landlords are nothing more than chancers banking on the fact that students won't be bothered enough to claim back the money, so by doing this you are almost certainly showing that isn't the case and will be enough in most instances to get the money back.

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