Mock Interview for Students

One of the things that your mates will not be so great at is running a mock interview. If there is no-one else to turn to, then it is better than nothing, but ideally you should look to have a mock interview with something experienced in the art of interviews.

For this, it is often best to turn to your university careers service. Most of these will offer the chance to have a mock interview if you ask them too, it is free, and will provide both experience and valuable feedback.

So go and see your careers service and ask for a mock interview; they will ask what sort of positions you are interested in so they can throw in a few questions, though the most important thing is the generic process of getting used to being asked interview questions, responding to them, and learning a good and effective interview manner.

To get the most from the mock interview, do some preparation first and work on how you wish to come across as you will gain the most if you do not try to 'wing it' as it were.

After the mock interview, discuss the feedback that you receive. If there are lots of developmental points, then make sure that you don't go on the defensive, but be open to comments and think about how you could correct any issues that arose in order to ensure that when it comes to the real thing you give yourself a good chance of achieving your goal - the job at the end of the long tunnel.

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