Saving on Motoring Costs

Motoring costs are also going through the roof. One of the chief problems is of course the cost of oil, and that this means petrol prices are so high that it can cost a fortune just to go a few miles.

In fact, since Labour came to power, the average motorist is apparently paying a whopping 600 per year more tax on their petrol, and so with this on top of high prices, it seems that the problem is only going to get worse as prices look set to go up and up and not fall any time soon.

So, you need to look around and find the cheapest price to fill up within a few miles of you (clearly if you drive too far you are probably using up the modest cost saving), but finding the best price could save you around 150 a year on your fuel bill.

Also learn to drive in a fuel efficient manner; certain driving habits are more economical than others and this again can save money over time. There is information on the energy saving trust site with regard how you can do this.

And the obvious one - drive less. Only use the car when you need to. Anywhere within around 30 minutes on foot? Then consider walking there! As long as it's not dangerous and you don't need to carry anything heavy, then think about using your legs. Or of course there is the option of a bike, which there is no tax on to use and no petrol costs, just the food to fuel your legs!


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