Reduce your Water Bill

Water rates are going up sharply, just like most things, and at a distinctly inflation busting rate.

So it makes sense to save on your water bill!

One of the best ways is to get a water meter fitted. This means that you will only pay for what you use rather than paying a flat rate.

As a rule of thumb, experts suggest that if there are more bedrooms in the house than occupants, it is better to use a water meter. If however there are more occupants than rooms, then it is best to pay flat rate. For equal measure, it is a grey area and if you are water-friendly then you should again be better off with a water meter fitted.

In terms of using less water with a water meter, have showers not baths, never leave the tap running, and don't use things like sprinklers or hoses in the garden - consider siphoning off shower water if you can in order to water the plants and use in the garden.

There are several websites with detailed tips on cutting water costs, and also be sure to check around that you are getting the best deal from your provider and that there aren't others out there that can offer you better deals on your water bills. water

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