How to become wealthy in 2008

The new year is just around the corner, at the time of writing, and there are many ways you can make 2008 the best year for you financially ever.

And even if that time has gone when you are reading this, then you can do this on any day, it is just that the new year has significance.

Now many people set new years resolutions and we all joke about breaking them almost a week into the new year don't we? Yes we do.

But do we make financial resolutions? Well if not then you should do.

The first resolution is this - clarity as to your targets.

Set clear goals for 2008 such as paying off debts and saving $500 dollars a month or whatever it is you feel you are able to do without too much stress and hassle.

Next work out the money you have in debt and how to get it all paid off. If you can't get it all paid them work out the interest rates and which is the most expensive debt for you and then ensure that you pay that off in preference to the other debts that you have out there.

Then work out how much more you can pay into your pension, when you come to retire you will be glad that you had this little conversation with yourself as you can live off cheese and beans and not just beans, as it were!

Next up is to set up savings plans so that you automatically sweep left over money in your current account into savings so that it works harder for you.

Next is closing down all those store cards, try to consolidate down to just one or maximum of two credit type cards so that you know what you have and where and it is harder to exceed those limits.

Finally ask to have your credit limit REDUCED to what you feel you can spend and be able to pay back each month, this simple tip that so few do can save you so much money over the years it is untrue!

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