How a financial plan could make you rich

Plans are dull and boring, who wants to sit there counting their money and micro-managing their budget when they could be watching the footie or enjoying a beer in the garden?

Well that's true and on the face of it good, but actually it's a short sighted argument.

See if you spend a short while doing it yourself then chances are you can earn enough money to spend a lot more time in future doing just what you want because the finances will be sorted and you just won't have to worry about such things, hey you might even be able to employ people to sweat the small stuff for you!

Research has shown that those who plan their day at work and set goals and targets for their career perform much better than those that don't.

And newsflash, the same is true with money - yes just by setting goals and targets and planning your money you can earn so much more over your lifetime through using your money well.

Set yourself savings targets and goals and pension investment goals and so forth and chances are you could earn thousands more dollars every single year.

So don't hesitate, sit down today and set yourself financial targets for a year, five and ten years. How much money do you want to have saved in ten years time?

Just by sitting down now and planning and writing it down you take a big step to doing and achieving that and finding a way to hit your targets... so what are you waiting for, seize the day and plan your financial future now, and you will be very glad you did so a few years down the line!

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