How to pay less on your regular bills

When people think of wealth and building wealth they naturally will tend to think of things such as saving money and accumulating money.

Actually research shows that much of earning lots of wealth over the course of your life is not so much about saving money as how you spend your money.

And spending just what you need and being wise with your spending is just as important as saving lots of money.

What all this means is this: you need to question all your expenditure and think how you can reduce it.

This does not mean being frugal and miserly and never letting yourself spend money without feeling guilty, it just means being sensible and wise and paying the attention to your finances that no doubt you use in other aspects of your life.

For instance one simple thing you can do often to save money when buying a regular service is to pay by direct debit.

Many companies offer say a 5% or 10% discount for those paying by direct debit.

The reason is that they know they will get their money almost certainly and in timely order so there is much less admin needed for them and the overall cost is less for them so they pass this benefit onto you in order to encourage you to sign up for direct debit schemes, and no doubt as people are often unsure how to cancel this sort of thing then that is even better for them too!

So see what things like this are out there and when you get offered direct debit schemes and a saving in your bills then take them up - it is silly not too and over time this will save you money and saving on ten bills a month this way can amount to hundreds of pounds or dollars over the course of the year which might be enough to pay for a holiday or other little treat, not bad really is it!

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