How to gain financial success

They say that everyone who wants to do well needs to learn from someone who has done it and knows a lot.

And indeed in most areas of life this is what we do. At school we learn maths from a maths teacher, not an english teacher. We learn science from scientists, and if we major in a subject or do a degree we read books by experts in those fields to learn more.

So why not with money and finance?

Why not indeed!

There is now recognition that if you want financial success and to get rich, then you need to think rich too - and part of this is to read about entrepreneurs and read books by those who have done it.

Sure it might not be something that clicks overnight, but the advice will rub off and even if you learn just one useful financial tip from just such a book, then it is surely worth it.

Many people get inspiration from these books or the determination and discipline to do a financial review.

Experts suspect that each of us loses over a hundred pounds or double in dollars each month just through sub-optimal use of our money.

For instance, we are probably overpaying on our mortgage, our car insurance, our energy bills and on the flip side getting less interest than we could if we shopped around.

Think about it - it's saying we could save an extra £12,000 as a minimum over a ten year period just by thinking about how we use our money and ensuring that it works harder.

And those on a mortgage that is not half as good as they could get could literally be losings tens of thousands of pounds over that period, or a couple of years salary.

These are huge sums, so the bottom line is to do a financial review every year and check your big costs, and shop around and see what you could be saving on and set to it.

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