Why earning more money could be bad for you

Let's be real about it - lots of us dream about a big pay check.

When you see your boss getting that big salary, you might wonder and wish what it might be like to get that check.

And one day you might just do, but actually getting paid more can be the worst thing that happens. If this sounds crazy, then here is why that could be the case.

Fact is that the more you earn the more tempted you are to spend it. When you have cash burning a hole in your pocket you want to spend it.

After all if you earn more it means you are probably working harder and longer than ever before and have more responsibility such as more staff working for you or running and managing bigger budgets and that sort of thing.

So what you want to do then is to use and enjoy some of that money to show yourself tangibly that all that effort is worth it, something which with the best will in the world those figures on the check or in the bank don't just seem to do.

In fact those who earn a lot of money find that they often live from check to check more than those of us who earn little.

And that's because when you earn little you budget and think and spend your money carefully, a great skill, but something that when we earn more many of us don't do and throw caution to the wind instead, which is a bad move but natural and tough to get out of the habit of.

So instead of hoping that you were your boss and getting that big pay check rather think about your own money and how to make it work hard, and chances are that many workers actually save more than their boss, so be happy with your own pay check and work how to get the best out of it!

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