How to become wealthy on low earnings

There is a big fallacy out there to do with money and finance, which says that in order to get rich you have to earn lots of money.

However this is just not the case. True, if you earn lots of money then two things are true.

First, it is easier to become wealthy, and secondly it is easier to become wealthy quicker. But that's where the truth ends.

You see my friends, it's not so much what you have but rather what you do with what you have that really counts.

Now the actual truth is that if you are careful with your money and make it go as far as you can then you can become wealthy, it will just take more time.

The bottom line is this: If you spend more than you earn, you won't get wealthy, if you spend less than you earn, then you can become wealthy it just might take some time.

The key is to start saving as EARLY in life as you can and to save as REGULARLY as you can and as MUCH as you can.

If you do this, then the fact is that virtually everyone can become a millionaire or at least become very wealthy at some time in their life, even if it is at or around the age of retirement.

If you speak to entrepreneurs or people who have made money you will realise that it takes all sorts.

Because the fact is that the more you have actually the more you often spend. Indeed it might be a surprise that those who use their overdraft the most and have the largeset overdrafts are not the poor but actually the rich.

Some of these earn a lot and spend a lot, and the more you have the more you want. Those fast cars and big houses cost money, so in actual cash in the bank terms, those who save steadily and are cautious about money can actually be wealthier than those who earn a lot and spend a lot too.

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