Example benefits you can get on a current account

Not all current accounts are born equal. Some of them come with lots of added extras and incentives which can make them better than a standard current account.

Typically these accounts with extras or so-called value added current accounts might contain things like:

- insurance for devices like mobile phone
- cardholder protection
- interest free overdrafts
- better loan rates
- legal advice
- other discounts and so on

Now, the question is, why would you want one of these accounts?

Well they are good if for instance you want insurance on devices like a mobile phone, or you think it would be good to be able to get legal advice and so on.

The downside of course is that these premium extras come at a premium, namely, there is extra cost involved and you will usually have a monthly or annual fee for such an account whereas most accounts are free.

So like most things they are worth it if you are going to use them; but if you feel that you won't want any of the benefits then of course there is no point getting such an account just for the sake of it!

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