Benefits of a current account

Some people still resist the idea of having a current account as they don't trust banks or want to keep their money themselves.

However there are many benefits of having a relationship with a bank or a building society, which can include the following:

First and foremost, they are a safe and secure store for your money, much better than having it stashed under the sofa for instance

The next benefit is that you won't have to carry around large amounts of cash whenever you perform a transaction, as you will rather get a debit card that lets you pay for things wherever the merchant is accepted (Eg visa).

Another good thing is that many now come with online banking too so you can manage, track and check on your money online making it really convenient and easy to see what you have and where it is.

Another common advantage is telephone banking, access to a huge network of branches at which you can make transactions and more.

You will also tend to get a cheque book which makes making payments easier, though indeed many are now actually phasing out cheques and encouraging customers to use other methods of making their payments.

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