How to get a better bank account after graduation

Once you graduate it can seem as though your bank suddenly wants to revert you back to bog standard current accounts with high overdraft fees and loan rates.

However some providers do offer a fee free account that is better than the bog standard current account and it will be known as something like a higher education account.

This account will have benefits such as a large interest free overdraft which will last for about one or two years after you graduate - a real incentive and much better than a normal current account.

You might also be able to get extensions or better rates and other facilities, but the key really is the overdraft limit being interest free to give you that cushion of funds you need when you are just starting out in a job, haven't had any savings built up before and therefore are more exposed to the large costs of purchases such as, perhaps, buying a car and so on and so forth.

And if you are a graduate and have done the work to get a degree, it makes sense to take up any benefits that are going from the banks, and particularly of course so if they are free, which this type of account will be, so apply for it if you can!

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