Advantages of a student bank account

If you are a student, then you should take advantage of this situation financially.

Have a normal current account? Get it switched over to a student bank account as soon as you can!

There are many advantages of doing this, which include the following:

An interest free overdraft to a certain agreed sum and sometimes the ability to increase this limit.

A better rate of interest than a standard account when you go over your rate that is agreed on your overdraft

Often you will get access to other benefits too that are better than on a standard account.

Also of importance is the fact that there are sometimes really good freebies on offer to those who sign up for an account, so for instance if you want a MP3 player but can't afford one look out for a student account that offers one of these as the perks of signing up - perhaps not the most solid of reasons but a good perk is a good perk nonetheless!

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