Getting a childs bank account

If you want a bank account and you are a child then the good news is that there are more options out there than ever.

Rather than just having a bog standard adult account there are now on offer a range of bank accounts from a large number of providers that are dedicated to children.

These will typically include a nice free gift or several which is also a good thing!

For those who are under 15, accounts will often have a minimal requirement to open so something like £1 will be all that you need to open it so you won't have to save too hard to open it!

They also have nice benefits like encouraging you to save and giving you more interest the more money that you earn encouraging you to get into the discipline of saving money nice and early!

They often also give you a connect card letting you take out money and feel grown up by using a card, something that lots of your friends who still rely on cash will feel a bit jealous about too!

You can also pay money direct into these accounts so it will mean you aren't tempted to blow your pocket money straight away, so if you want to learn to manage money responsibily than such an account will really be excellent for you.

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