2008 UK Salary Inflation

Money! When we first measured the figure for this year in 2008, the average salary figure of our respondents was £32,785.

How has this changed during this stormy year where there have been many job losses and there seems to be pressure across many industries? Well, all our figures are based on people who are employed, so it will provide a snapshot of the average salary of those who are still employed!

Our measurement on the 18th November 2008 took into account 55,421 pieces of salary data collected and the average salary was £34,207.

There is certainly a huge diversity of job titles - our respondents clocked up a staggering 13,000 different job titles, just showing that the age of generic jobs such as 'carpenter', 'butcher' and so on is long gone!

So how has the average salary of My Salary readers changed during the course of 2008? Well, this figure represents an average increase in salary of 4.3% during the course of the year - that is a positive inflation in salary. Any of our respondents who had a salary that increased, for whatever reason, by more than this, outperformed the average increase.

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