The Additional State Pension Explained

Although we have a long time to find out about pensions and what's out there, many people are confused to what they are entitled to from the state at the age of retirement.

Well the basic state pension is the main answer (see appropriate article).

However, there is also something known as the Additional State Pension, which people may be entitled to. The people who are eligible include those who are fully employed, and make what is called the Class 1 national insurance contributions.

At retirement when you start claiming the basic pension, then the additional pension that is due (if relevant) will be added.

For those who have been members of a company pension, then it's possible the NI you paid was at a lower rate and therefore you won't also qualify for this additional pension. In which case however you shouldn't panic as you will get your second pension from the company scheme as opposed the second state pension.

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