Holiday Entitlement

Holidays. We all love them, but confusion reigns with regard to how many days of holiday you are allowed to take each year!

Well, if you work a full time job, which is taken to mean that you work the usual set of hours five days a week, then in the UK you must be allowed a minimum of 24 days of paid leave each year.

Note that you should exercise caution, as some employers will include bank holidays in that entitlement, so you need to ensure that you check whether the number you are quoted includes them or not.

Now each employer can offer the amount it wants above and beyond the minimum, so there are some enlightened employers out there that offer say 30 days holiday on top of bank holidays, which works out as a pretty nice amount of holiday.

Also note that if you work part time, then you should be allowed off each year 4.8 times the average amount you work. In other words if you work just one day a week then you should be allowed four days paid holiday over the course of the year.

If you are reading this figures and always thought that the entitlement was 20 days a year or 4 times the days in your normal working week, then you will be pleased to know these figures are correct - as of 1st October 2007 the legal holiday entitlement was increased up to 4.8 weeks a year!

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