Holiday Pay

There is a lot of confusion with regard to holiday and holiday allowances, and how much time you are allowed to take off for holiday and when you take holiday whether you should get paid for it or not.

Of course this varies from country to country, this information covers the UK only.

The bottom line is that if you are working as a full time employee (as opposed to, say, a contractor) then you should be paid when you take holiday from your holiday allowance.

The only exception to this can be or those who have not been working for three months or more - for everyone else you should be entitled to paid holiday.

When it comes to how much holiday you can take, this varies from company to company - take a look at the number of holidays article for more information.

Anyhow, how much should you get paid for the holiday you use from your entitlement?

Well, you should get paid your full time wage for those days. For those whose pay varies from week to week then the guidelines suggest that you should get the average for a specified number of weeks in order to level out any individual peaks or troughs that might be misrepresentative of the average.

Another interesting point is with regard when you leave a company - well, you should be paid for any entitlement that you were due but have not taken.

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