Home Emergency Insurance Explained

This is a very specific type of insurance policy which covers you against unexpected and emergency repairs that become apparent.

For instance if your boiler goes in the middle of Winter when the temperatures are low then we all know that this is not exactly much fun.

So therefore it can be useful to have a form of insurance to cover any emergency repairs that are required.

The typical things that will be covered by a policy such as this will be emergencies in the home. These standardly relate to failure of household services e.g. plumbing issues or heating failure, and of course the other big one - electricity failure.

Sometimes this insurance is included automatically with building insurance and other policies so it is worth checking, and if not then think carefully whether it is something you are interested in or whether you would prefer to handle and pay for any problems along those lines separately on a case by case basis, hopefully of course there won't be too many but we all need a plumber or electrician at some stage!

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