Home Insurance Explained

There are many forms of insurance out there and remembering which is which and which are nice to haves and which are essential can be confusing.

Debunking jargon is tough so here is a simple explanation of what home insurance is.

Home insurance is something that covers your home against unexpected events happening - for instance damage that is caused by a fire is a classic case of where you will need home insurance to cover the costs and not have to fork out for everything yourself.

The other name for home insurance is buildings insurance, and if ever in doubt this is useful to know as it tells you that the building is insured.

So if there is a storm or perhaps even flood damage as seen recently in the UK then your building costs will be covered by the insurance, just so long as this is in your policy.

Sometimes policies will also cover things such as accidental damage too, so it is important to check at the time you take out the policy to work out what is what.

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