Insurance Options for High Value Homeowners

If you are lucky enough to have a fair bit of wealth and a home that contains expensive possessions, then chances are that the standard home insurance policies will not be enough to cover your needs and requirements.

Therefore you will need to look into alternative options and higher value home insurance policies.

Typically many providers offer these and if you mention specifically when contacting them you need a higher value policy they will ask a few key questions and come up with a quote for you, so this is a well covered area too.

Typically higher value insurance would cover properties that would cost more than half a million pounds to be re-built, and will insure contents above the £50k mark in variable limits with more payment at each threshold.

So if you have valuable antiques or a painting by an old master(!) say hidden in your house, then you will definitely need very specific insurance policies indeed.

Another consideration for those who own more than one property is getting insurance sorted on that property and you can often lump that in with your main insurance policy at a discounted price to getting the two separately.

The great thing about higher value insurance is that you can often get very specific cover so you get exactly what you want, and the peace of mind as to being ok once it is sorted.

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