How to Qualify for Buildings Insurance

There are standard criteria that you will need to meet in order to be able to take out buildings insurance.

These include various elements, which are explained below.

First of all, of course, in the UK you need to be at least 18 years old, and will need to be able to honestly answer some questions in the affirmative when taking out the buildings insurance.

The first question is that it's where you live and that you don't rent it out.

You will also need to confirm it is not a listed building.

Many policies will have maximum size requirements, eg that the building has no more than five bedrooms.

There will also be questions about the state of repair of the building that you will need to be honest about - typically that there is no subsidence or underpinning that is known and that there is nothing strange about the way the building is built (e.g. that it is of brick and not straw for instance!)

There will be questions about exposure to flood so if you live on a classic flood plain then this is something that the provider will need to know for instance.

Finally there will be questions around occupancy level as of course the less it is occupied the riskier it will seem. And also that it isn't used for business unless it is purely for home or office work where there won't be people visiting or employees and so on and so forth.

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