How to find the best car insurance

Car insurance is one of those areas where you price you pay will vary a lot from provider to provider, as they will each take different things into account and weight them differently, and then have a different standard price metric and so forth.

It is one of the few forms of insurance that is a legal requirement at least in the UK - if you are a driver on the road then it is legally required that you are insured, so it is not a nice to have it is a must have, and this makes it important that you shop around and get the best cover for you, half a days work looking at the different options can save you lots of money!

There are also many niche providers who focus on a particular group of drivers - e.g. female drivers, or those over or below a certain age and so forth - so do explore all of the options that are available to you.

Of course you will need to ensure you qualify for any policy that you are interested in!

There will often be separate insurance policies for those over 75 for instance, and you will obviously need a current and valid driving license.

Other things to consider are the number of claims you have or made in the past, whether you will ever use the car for business (e.g. if you are taxi driver or similar), and whether you are an actor or actress, TV presenter or so on, in which case non standard policies will apply.

So if you are a musician, model or childminder then you will need to bear in mind that you'll need to mention this when taking out insurance as this will have a bearing on car insurance costs and which policies are available and suitable for you.

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