Student Finance Guide

The outlook is apparently bleak for students in the UK at the present time, with the UK either in recession or coming out of it, and the backdrop of many companies having slashed or simply binned their graduate recruitment programs in the last year or so.

The situation need not be as bleak as the newspapers make out however, as ever, with a little hard work, being savvy, and creating good quality applications, there are still jobs out there, and you can still earn a decent salary from the start without having to work your way up from sweeping floors or working on the till, if you dreams of grandeur!

Given this, what can you do to ensure that you are able to get a decent job after university, and how can you make the most of what money you do have, and earn a little income on the side, whilst at university? Our articles will help you.

Approaching Referees as a Student
Budgeting Tips for University Students
Common Interview Questions for Students
CV Writing for Students
Dealing with interview feedback
Earning From Your Hobby at University
Earning whilst at university
Eating out with friends at university
Getting a Good Job After University
Getting a Student Credit Card
Getting a Student Loan
Getting back a Student Deposit
Getting on with your landlord
Keeping Track of Job Applications
Keeping University Costs Low
Managing your Student Bank Account
Mock Interview for Students
Splitting up household bills as a student
University and the Milkround
Using your University Careers Service
What to do after an interview
Working Whilst Studying