My Money : Financial Products Explained

So, you've earnt your salary. Now you want to make the most of it, but it can be bewildering with so many different financial products out there! That's why we've written a range of articles covering all sorts of financial products, explaining what's on offer and how to make your money work harder for you!

Current Accounts

Advantages of a student bank account
Benefits of a current account
Current account options for graduates
Example benefits you can get on a current account
Getting a childs bank account
How to get a better bank account after graduation
How to get better banking facilities for free
How to get more out of your current account
Things to consider with an overdraft
What is a current account?

Financial Planning

Finances and Getting Married
Financial Planning Useful Questions
Financial products to consider when you have a baby
Investing your income: what to consider
Protecting your family financially
Retirement Planning
The advantages of financial planning
Tips on Planning for your Children
What is financial planning?
Why financial gifts are a good idea

ForEx Trading

Central Bank Intervention in the Markets
Foreign currency hedging explained
Is exchange rate forecasting successful
Operating or Economic Risk
Risk and Foreign Exchange
Semi-Strong Market Efficiency
Strong form of Market Efficiency
The Efficient Markets Hypothesis
Weak Market Efficiency
What is an Efficient Market?


Buildings Insurance: What to Look For
Contents Insurance Explained
Home Emergency Insurance Explained
Home Insurance Explained
How Students can Protect their Possessions
How to find the best car insurance
How to Qualify for Buildings Insurance
Insurance Options for High Value Homeowners
Questions to ask a Contents Insurance Policy Provider
Travel Insurance Explained


Different types of loan explained
Graduate Loans Explained
How to get the best loan for you
How to understand how much money you owe on your loan
Improving your chance of getting credit
Loan catches to be aware of
Loan Protection Explained
What is a loan?
What to do if you are refused credit
Your Credit Rating Explained


Buying a property in Scotland explained
How much money can you borrow for a mortgage?
How to borrow more money against your mortgage
How to change your mortgage interest rate
How to get a mortgage quote at home
How to reduce your mortgage by thousands of pounds
How to see if offsetting would work for you
Mortgage options for first time buyers
Things to consider when buying for the first time
What to do when your existing mortgage rate ends


Advantages of internet only savings accounts
Financial bonds: explained
Finding the highest interest rate: tips
How to avoid paying tax on savings
Offset Savings Accounts Explained
Savings Accounts: Things to be Aware Of
Students can save tax on their savings
The best savings account for you
Tips on running a current account well
Understanding interest rates on savings accounts


How a financial plan could make you rich
How to become wealthy in 2008
How to become wealthy on low earnings
How to gain financial success
How to have wealth in retirement
How to pay less on your regular bills
How to think about cash and money
Why earning more money could be bad for you
Why stocks can make you rich
Why you must pay debts before you get rich